Skillsbook® is the bank for your skills, a lifelong 'bank account' for managing your life-skills, work-skills, qualifications and career advancement.

Skillsbook® provides centralised and secure storage of your qualifications, employment history, skills and resume. Skillsbook® stores and manages licences and certificates, reminding you to stay accredited.

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Every Skillsbook® account also has access to a resume builder. Information from across your Skillsbook® account automatically populates your resume meaning that your resume is always current and ready to go – when you find your dream job.

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Skillsbook® will show you which qualifications your skills are best matched to. Using our unique databases of every skill used in the workplace in Australia Skillsbook® will automatically match your skills to every qualification and show you which ones best ‘fit’ your skill portfolio. It might be time to upgrade your qualifications or have your skills formally valued.

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Access an incredibly powerful assessment engine, providing a compliant and easy way to:

  • Manage hybrid and online assessments against national VET competency standards;
  • Build game changing RPL kits;
  • Manage training requirements;
  • Manage professional development;
  • Map assessment content to national training packages.